SIMPL Development Environment

SIMPL Development Environment

Above is an image of an online development environment that I recently developed to create and maintain websites. You can click on the link below the image to open

SIMPL’s (“SIMple Programming Language) environment is directly inspired by Smalltalk and its language syntax comes mostly from JavaScript and Ruby.

The SIMPL client interface uses the excellent ExtJs 4.1 JavaScript library; the compiler and runtime are written in PHP and are integrated with the CodeIgniter/MySql framework. is a site (written in SIMPL) running on an Amazon cloud server.

From the “Launcher”, you can open a “ClassBrowser” window to examine the class structures or a “Database Browser” to see a serialized format stored in the MySql database.

SIMPL/PHP is very new and very incomplete. However, it has reached the point where it is stable and, most importantly, where additional tools can be created within the environment itself.

So, I expect that development will now progress very rapidly. Upcoming tools will include a database structure browser and generator for ExtJs “grid” components, a GUI builder, and a CSS style generator.