Code Refactoring

January 25, 2012

SIMPL/PHP Class Browser

SIMPL/PHP Class Browser

There are now eighty-six classes in the SIMPL class hierarchy.

And this number will increase substantially over the next few weeks as more ExtJs widgets, Css styles, and code generators are added. The system will probably have about five hundred core classes when it is complete.

Smalltalk maintains its class libraries through the use of sophisticated refactoring tools.

I have now added some of these capablities to the SIMPL class browser.

You can now:
— rename classes
— move subclasses to different parents

SIMPL/PHP already is capable of writing serialized classes to the database (see the “DbBrowser” tool) and I do a complete “rebuild” cycle at least once a day as a system integrity check.

The tools will continue to get more advanced as the class library grows.

Development is starting to resemble that of Smalltalk environments.

— Peter

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