A SIMPL Introduction

January 20, 2012

Creating a SIMPL window.

Creating a SIMPL window.


The best way to understand a new language is to try it out.

1) open a SIMPL console – select “SimplConsole” in the “Launcher” window and click the “Open” button.

2) input is in the bottom panel and output goes to the top panel.

3) enter: “builtins()” (without quotes) in the bottom panel and click “Run” – you should see a list of all of the built-in commands in the top panel.

4) enter: “globals()” and click run – you should see a list of all globally defined variables in the top panel.

5) enter this script into the lower panel and click “Run” – the output goes to the Transcript:


3) You should see “WindowSingleText” in the text box at the bottom left.
Change the text to some new name such as “DemoWindow” and click “AddCls”.

4) The class tree will refresh; locate your new class:

5) The text box now contains “DemoWindow” (or whatever you named the new class)

6) Change the textbox content to: “title”

7) In the code area, enter this:
function(self) {
‘This is my new window title!’

8) Click “Save”

9) In the SIMPLConsole, try this:
send(DemoWindow, ‘open’)

10) You should see your new window with the new title.
And the window will contain a stylized text area, just like its parent.

11) Congratulations, you have just created a new class of window.

12) In normal development, you would probably “Save” the image at this point to keep the changes.

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